The scientific team that worked together creating the Orion device has a keen understanding of human anatomy, sexuality and health. You don't need to be a Doctor to understand the many ways that the Orion benefits you, but it definitely helps to review some of the basic about your own body.

Using of the Orion device has been shown to have two important results in men who have been studied extensively during clinical trials. First, the act itself of self-stimulation can be exceptionally pleasurable and may enhance your natural ability to reach orgasm with a deeper fuller sense of physical satisfaction. Perhaps even more importantly, the second finding was that men who utilize the Orion as directed to provide prostate stimulation as part of a normal exercise regimen have demonstrated better short-term prostate health and longer term glandular functionality.

The prostate is an important gland that assists with the production of more than 25% of the fluid dispersed during ejaculation. Deterioration of the prostate can pose significant health risks to your endocrine system, urinary process and sexual satisfaction. These risks include erectile dysfunction, acute prostatitis and male chronic pelvic pain syndrome (MCPPS) or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) which can lead to a myriad of urinary problems as well. There are medications and surgical procedures available to curtail some of these risks if you become ill, but leading medical experts agree that prevention is a much better approach to prostate ailments than waiting for them to develop and hoping to cure them with invasive procedures.

"I know it's an exercise tool, but I gotta say free-weights were never this much fun for me."


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The prostate is an important gland that assists with the production of more than 25% of the fluid dispersed during ejaculation. Strengthening the prostate enhances its function, which in turn creates larger ejaculatory volume, greater sexual stimulation and completely satisfying orgasms capable of rejuvenating your sex life. 'Cum harder' with more volume every time and see what your body can really do during peak performance!

The Orion male G-spot stimulator is a small and easy to use device that can be stored virtually anywhere. It's always ready to use and takes very little practice to master, allowing you to manipulate the key areas of arousal essential to having fully optimized orgasms. Best of all, it fits neatly in a bedside night table, takes only a few minutes to use and comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Orion is something more that a gadget giving pleasure and satisfaction. Studies show that it strengthens the prostate, and thus enhances its function, reducing the risk for, among others, developing an enlarged prostate if used regularly. Orion has a positive impact on overall health and allows you to have an exciting sex life.

  • Ergonomically Designed For Comfort

  • Safe Single-Cast Medical Grade Materials

  • Dishwasher Safe For Easy Maintenance

  • Clinically Tested And Fully Researched

  • Easy To Use Without A Prescription

  • Your Complete Privacy Is Guaranteed

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